All praise is due to Allah (subḥānahu wa taʽālā), of whom we ask blessings and
peace upon His final prophet, Muḥammad.

The collection of Forty Ḥadīth compiled by al-Imām Yaḥya bin Sharaf an-Nawawi
(which actually contains 42 ḥadīths) has been widely studied in traditional Arabic
circles of learning and continues to be one of the basic subjects taught in Islamic
courses throughout the world today.


Duaa From Quran's

“O Allah, it is Your mercy that I’m seeking…”

It is my humble effort to collect all the Dua’s from Nobel Quran. I have made every effort to ensure the authenticity of the content and rechecked plenty of time,
but I’m not learned mufassir and expert writer.

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